Friday, August 7, 2009

Managing a Restaurant?

Been sucked in by the game Restaurant City on FB.

Thot it gave me an idea on how to run a restaurant ... considering many friends have been bugging me to start one ... to cater to those who have been patiently waiting for my cakes and cookies.

As a result, my kids are also hooked on the game. So we have decided to have a change of schedule. TV nites are only a couple of nites a week. And only one programme on those nites. Other nites are to be spent doing school work, considering the year-end exams are like in 10 weeks time!!

I will not be on Restaurant City , when the kids wake up or when they are doing their homework. It must be a total distraction for them. So what if I do not have the biggest nicest restaurant serving all the gourmet meals. I will just have to take my time to achieve the various levels - no hurry!

So that's the change in my schedule starting today!!


iml said...

Both the girls too enjoy the game too but somehow, I'm not into it. No entrepreneurship in me!

Ling That's Me said...

I am also hooked on RC !!! hehe !!

now that I have reached maximum level, I try not to enter RC as often but must definitely try to enter at least once daily because that's when we can get two free ingredients. heehee.

I will also take my time to level up all the dishes and I don't have fancy restaurant too, heehee, I rather use the money to buy ingredients from the market :P

hey, you can add me in your FB, but I know, your FB shld be quite personal right ? :D

Yan said...

I am hooked on Scrabble :)

Talking about running a restaurant, I almost got into that business some 9 years ago. The owner of the little cafe that I frequented wished to give up the business. We talked on the price. I read books after books about running a eating place.

One day, we (Rachel, Chris and I) went to a eating place. I was served with a wrong order. The waiter asked whether I could just take that order, I said, "No" - probably a little rude.

Chris said, "Mummy, if you were the owner, can you take this?"

And there - I thought, no, not for me! And that ended the dream!