Monday, April 27, 2009

What to wear?

That's a problem most ladies have most of the time. What to wear to work for that important meeting, what to wear on that important date, what to wear when meeting his parents for the 1st time? etc

But can you believe that it starts from a very young age? At least with my daughter, little D. Not sure where she got it from, coz I am usually every easy going with my clothes, and rarely fret over what to wear.(Coz I hardly go anywhere, haha!)

When she knows we are going out to dinner, she will tell me to let her choose what she wears. And even when she goes for her music class on Saturdays!! And sometimes she will stand in front of her cupboard not able to decide on her choice outfit for that day!! Sigh!

Another problem we are currently facing is what she is going to wear for her school's book week parade. This week is book week in her school. And it culminates with a parade where everyone comes dressed as their favourite book character. She has been as Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White previously. I suggested that she goes as Little Red Riding Hood again, but she is not keen. The snow white dress which she borrowed from her cousin last year, is too small already. So I am out of ideas on what she can go as, never mind her favourite character.

I have suggested to her characters whom I can dress her as, without spending too much money or time on the outfit, ~ eg Cinderella, in her rags and with a mop or broom, cat in the hat, Dora the explorer, but she has vetoed them all. She only wants to go as a princess, but I am unwilling to invest in an outfit just for that few hours of school!! Looks like my princess is going to be disappointed ~ unless her Fairy Godmother comes to her rescue!!


Stardust said...

Quick! Call the Fairy Godmother in! =P

I thought activities would have toned down a bit admist such hard times. How would it be for families of average income? There'll be many Cinderellas then. =(

TripleJin said... about hermoine in harry potter?

that's super easy! i think...

or harry potter himself! even easier! just draw that zigzag on her forehead and get some really cheapo glasses. WAH LAH! how cool is that???!!! hahahahahaha

Rose said...

My 3 years old girl chooses her own clothing, what to wear and what not to wear when go out or at home.....she can fret if she didnt like what I choose for her! Sigh! Kids are very smart...

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi Stardust
Its not compulsory, but encouraged, and we are usually encouraged to try to do it as cheaply as possible. OF course, you will have some who will go overboard and spend an arm and a leg for their child . .. but not me.

Mott, mott - no little girl wants to go as Harry Porter, at least not mine. Mine always dreams of princesses only!! Just remembered you have 3 boys!!

Hi Rose,
Yes, kids nowadays are really smart!!

bp said...

how'd it go, is it a week long event? will a hairband/tiara, with a pretty dress out of D's existing wardrobe, work for a cost-friendly outfit? but if she's going to play princess again n again, maybe u can get her a poofy dress/skirt that she can also wear when she goes out for dinner? =)

my boys are also quite particular abt their dressing!

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi bp~ todays the day. God must have been watching over me .. or rather Lil D. Found a book with a fairy that wears a dress just like one that she has. So that's what she's going to be!! Thanks for the suggestion. Will keep in mind for next year!