Monday, April 20, 2009

What kind of a Mum are you?

There are different roles played by the different members in a family.

In my family, I am the chauffeur (on weekdays), grocery shopper, disciplinarian, time keeper, homework checker, and nutritionist ... in other words the nagger!

Hubby takes on the role of bread winner, and fun guy! Why? He brings home the bread and bacon, and does all the fun stuff with the children .... like playing badminton, soccer and chess with them. He brings them swimming, and when he goes to the supermart with them, they get to buy anything they choose (well, almost!)... like: candies, chips, cheese, and he is usually the one that buys the ice-cream home.

Me, on the other hand, is the one that tells them to study their spelling, do their homework, study for exams, dont waste too much time on the computer,pack their school bags, no rough play, stop fighting, not to eat too much candies, eat their fruits, eat their veggies, drink their milk, take their bath, brush their teeth, no breaking of rules, and GO TO BED!!

So in the eyes of the children, I could jolly well be the wicked step-mother, always telling them to do the things they HATE! I hardly play with them, and even tho' I am the swimmer in the family, I have been very lazy lately, not joining them for their swim many a times.

Does not look good, does it? How will my kids remember me next time? I dont know. However, the other day, I did something which I never thot I would. We were going around a round-a-about when my 2 older kids who were in the car with me said: "Go another round!!" Normally in my normal frame of mind, I wouldnt do it. "It's dangerous", that would have been my usual response to them. But that day, I dont know what got into me, but I went an extra round, at a fairly high speed, and the three of us in the car just went "WHEEEEEEEE!!" All the other drivers were a little puzzled as to why we went round 2 times!

Must say, the kids enjoyed that!! Guess, sometimes, I should just break the rules and have some fun with them, and not be so hung up about everything!!




Rose said...

gosh! I hope I am not turning into the wicked and no-fun mum! :p Guess someone has to be the "bad police" while the the other be "good police". That is how in bringing up the kids.

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi Rose
Thanks for coming by my blog. yes, someone has to be the "bad police" and its usually the one that is home longer with the kids. Next time maybe I should try the "wait till your father gets home" line and make him the bad police!!

Stardust said...

WHEEEE!!! I like that! =P No lah, I believe that you're not like a step-mom in their hearts. =)

Something About Us said...

I am almost the same like you !

but the only thing is, I am working PT and still contribute to the family. So sometime I wish my hubby can help out with the coaching of HW, because on weekdays, I still need to work, do chores, teach them, I very tired !!

Yan said...

I am quite a "relaxed" mum. From Rachel to Chris (well, I only have two anyway), I only nag them on - you can use computer only from Friday night to Sunday evening, not other days!

iml said...

You'll be surprise, when the time comes for them to fill in the space:-
Name of parent/guardian.......... or
In case of emergency contact.......
It'll be your name, they will automatically write down.

NomadicMom said...

I'm also the BAD NAGGY one!

bp said...

hahaha, me three *hands up for bad naggy mommy*... but agree that breaking the rules and more of the Wheeeeee!!! will help keep us sane! so much to do, we need a break too!

Constance Chan said...

OMG! i thought you were talking about me.. because that is EXACTLY the same things i do daily... ya i have become the nagger.. the yeller, actually. and what's weird? i was ranting about it too at my blog...hehehe

ya and daddy is always having more fun letting the kids eating and buying those stuff I always (almost) say NO to.

perhaps i should learn to be less uptight too..hehehe