Friday, April 17, 2009

A long, long wait

We were at a dinner last night and one of the topics discussed was on schools.

There are certain schools which are sooooo difficult to get in. Staying within 1km is no guarantee. Doing voluntary work at the school may improve your chances, but then again, what type of voluntary work done, seems to play a part too.

Someone commented that even for popular kindergartens, some parents go to the extent of making huge donations to get their children up the wait list, as in International schools.

I shared that I registered Little D for one of these kindys even before she turned one, and uptil today, she's four and a half, we havent received a call offering her a place. Everyone agreed that it was probably because I did not make that 5 figure sum donation, hence I was far below on the waiting list!! They came to this conclusion because there are some expatriate children (of high profile parents), whose familys recently moved to Singapore that got into that same kindy. It is impossible that they registered before me, and they definitely do not have siblings in that kindy to grant them priority before me.

But guess what? I received a call from that said kindy this morning offering my child a place in Term 3. Being of sane mind, and not wanting to disrupt my child's schedule, I have decided to turn them down. LOL! Can you imagine, waiting for more than 3 years for a place in kindy?!!Does that mean that if I want her to start there from Nursery one, I would have to register her even before I conceive?

But I guess, at least, they didnt throw away or lose my application!


TripleJin said...

Actually, it's pretty much the same here. I have to enroll my youngest when he turns 18months. Plus...these are NOT private schools...all public. Can u believe that?

NomadicMom said...


stay-at-home mum said...

Mott - at least at 18 months you will still get a place. I thot the situation, in my case was really ridiculous!!

NomadicMom - I am NOT JOKING!!

bp said...

i'm not surprised at your super long wait, but they must be surprised over your decision to not proceed.

go with what u think is best of D, i like that! way to go, SAHM! =)