Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Modern Day Cinderella?

She gazed dreamily into the bathroom mirror. Looking at her reflection, she let down her long waist length hair, and swirled around. She then held her hair up in various poses. Reluctantly she tied up her hair into a bun. Then she turned around to look at her back, picking some non-existant fluff from the back of her tee-shirt. She gazed once more into the mirror. Brushing her fringe to the side she smiled to herself, oblivious to the pair of fuming eyes staring at her for the past ten minutes ...

Is that the modern day Cinderella?? No, it was the new maid and that pair of eyes belonged to my mother-in-law. My MIL is no wicked step-mother, but she is at her wits end with this new help. She understands very little english, takes 2 hours to do what would normally be done in less than half an hour, forgets to do basic everyday things (and lies about it), is unusually stubborn, and ... to our surprise, very political!!

She insists on comparing salaries with the other maid, occasionally refuses to do what we tell her to, and even compares the number of grapes we give to each for dessert!! And she has no qualms about confronting us if we even give her one grape less!!

MIL has been way tooooo patient with her this past 3 weeks. But I can feel she her patience is wearing thin. It may be a matter of days before Cinders is told to go forth and dream all she wants!!!


Stardust said...

zzZZZ, who needs a maid like that? Maybe your MIL will like me.


JoMel said...

hahahah... a domestic diva!!

bp said...

haha, i like how u said it all... but do hope you get the right help. after all this time of not having one here, i kinda forgot how much work having one can be also.