Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Some Surprise finds in our garden

The garden was recently re-landscaped.

One day when we came home, Lil D and I found this"

A chameleon sun-bathing on top of a bonsai plant.

And our belimbing plant which had not borne fruit for quite sometime decided to reward us:

And an orchid plant we thought had died, decided to surprise us:

What a treat!!


bp said...

That's so nice, nature at your doorstep! Especially love the pretty orchids, and know my boys will want to chase down that chameleon ;p

Erm, what is belimbing?

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi bp
belimbing is a sourish fruit, but when you slice and cook it with prawns or belly pork and some chilli and assam - its super duper shiok!! When you visit, i will cook it for you!!

NomadicMom said...

Maybe I should have kept my 5 pots of orchid. I thought they died-ed and will never flower. I should have put them out hor?

BTW, lovely orchids...and your garden looks HUGE. Like botanical gardens leh...

Stardust said...

WOW! What a treat indeed!! =D

Belimbing is new to me. The blooming Orchid may be a miracle, especially if you've not been fertilizing it at all. Orchid with petals this large are difficult to raise too! Look how it blooms beautifully!

It's more like a paradise to garden! You're so blessed!

stay-at-home mum said...

NomadicMom - it aint no botanic garden, more a kampong, actually.

Stardust - no we have not been fertilising the plant. Actually the week before, a white otchid plant next to it (which also had not been fertilised) bloomed. Some how the orchids in our garden likes to surprise us.A nother plant given to us looked dead and didnt flower, but after 3 years, it rewarded us with beatiful blooms!! Must be the butterflies, maybe?

Rose said...

Wow! Everything just so coincidence, it is good sign!! :)

iml said...

Belimbing??? Have not seen it for a long time. Thought it's been extincted in Spore. Belimbing with shreded pork taste yumyum!! What is your favourite belimbing recipe??

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi Rose - yes, its really a good sign :D

Iml - i like it with either prawns or belly pork, and spicy!! I do see it sold in the marketrs sometimes.

bp said...

sounds so yum... it'll be such an honor eating your food but have to take a raincheck. aw, so nice when we can meet up!