Wednesday, February 29, 2012

When you give your kid's friends a ride ...

... you cannot catch up with what's happening in their life.

... you cannot ask too many questions, like you do everyday after school.

... you cannot ask their friends any "sensitive" questions.

... you must pretend you are not eavesdropping on their conversation.

... you cannot sing to the song on the radio.

... you cannot swear at the next driver.

You must just try to ACT like their driver ... especially if they are TEENAGERS!!


bp said...

Haha! You're such a considerate driver! I am sure your teen and other two kids love it when you can give their friends a ride!

Stardust said...

Ha! HAHAHAHAHHA! Point taken, I'll just do that in future. ;P

doc said...

the trick is to convince them that you're concentrating on the road. you won't believe how much they've kept from you!!

JoMel said...

LOL!LOL!LOL! TOOO FUNNY!!!! Yes Ma'am!! :D