Friday, March 2, 2012

Cross the bridge only when you come to it

You all know the control freak I am.

I must know my schedule ahead of time, and I will always plan out my day, and even route and timing for the days ahead.

Many a times when I drive, I seem to be on auto-pilot, my sub-conscious takes over my driving. But sometimes, I may be going to my eldest's school, but because I drive more frequently to the youngest's, I could end up missing my exit on the expressway.

Why? Because I am distracted planning my schedule for another day. A moment of distraction and I have to make a long detour.

Dont know why I seem to need to think so many days ahead especially when I am told there is a change of schedule. Then I would be thinking of that changed day for so many days - working out the logistics, routes and timing for that change!! Always trying to work out something that work will best for all kids and not affecting their other timings by too much at the same time not stressing myself out by having to make extra runs.

I should learn to cross my bridge when I come to it. Plan only a day ahead. Coz their schedules can be so fluid, with last minute changes, and I dont want to miss any more exits on the expressway!!


ilene ong said...

Oh dear .... sounds like you're on high gear all the time! Breathe in, breathe out ....

doc said...

yes, you're a text-book control freak.

i should live with one.