Friday, February 24, 2012

History repeating itself?

When my son was in Primary school, he was selected to be in the schools prep squad for badminton in P1. He was, so called "talent spotted" as one of those with the potential to make it to school team and was invited to train with the team under China coaches. The training was grueling and he came back with sore muscles every week after training.

At the end of P2, he was asked this time to train with the school team for track and field and was also invited to join the school's soccer team.

Soccer, being a passion of his, he opted to do it. So he gave up his spot in track and field (which on hindsight was something which he should have made him pursue instead).

That same year, I had the teachers in charge of Calligraphy and Chinese dance also calling me up telling me to enrol my son for those CCAs as having had those lessons as part of school curriculum, he was identified as one of the few with potential to go far for those. Unfortunately we had to turn them all down as we felt he was already too involved in his chess, as he was training with the National Junior Squad, something that he had been doing since he was 6, and with soccer training twice a week, there was no way he could do all that well and excel in his studies at the same time.

And of course, there was also his flower arrangements. He had done well, and the teacher was surprised that he did not take part in the flower arrangement competition, and to take it as a CCA as well.

Actually I find it hard to believe that he is good in so many things. I think it could be because he is good at taking instructions, having had this domineering mother telling him to do many things the way SHE wants it for so many years!! Heh!heh!

well, this week he came home from school and told me that he was selected to represent his house in 2 track events. Last week, he had his PE teacher in school asking him why he wasnt doing soccer as a CCA. Like I said, soccer is his passion. He wished he could do it. But unfortunately, having DSA'd into secondary school, he has no choice but to do "that" CCA.

So, here I go wondering again. Is he really that good? Maybe, now I have to believe it. May he really is a Jack of all trades, and master of all?? NO! I will have to tell him to explain to those teachers why he is not in a position to do it all.


Stardust said...

He has mom to thank for the natural talent and accomplishing nature. And again, I'm impressed, especially on the flower arrangement one.

As for me, I'll be happy if my little one listens to me on drinking more water. :/

bp said...

I think he is really talented, gifted and well rounded, and your loving support certainly must have boosted his abilities also. Pity he can't do it all coz of that particular obligation.

bp said...

P.S. this phone version is friendly in reading but I have difficulty typing my comments, words disappear or I am not allowed to type beyond a certain pt. maybe I am too longwinded, hahaha! Hope u get my comments still for these two posts ;p.