Monday, February 13, 2012

The strong willed child

I am sure many of us have encountered one.

I have one at home. Stubborn would be what some of us will call them.

They do what they want, never mind what you the parent have to say or think.

Would you give up what you really love to eat?

Well, she did. I picked her up after school one day, and had brought along a chocolate bar for her to snack on. She, at first, went : Yippee!

Then she told me she was going to leave it for her younger siblings, which had me puzzled.

When I queried her, she informed me that they were shown a National Geographic documentary in school which showed very young children being exploited (paid meagre sums of money) in the harvesting of cocoa. And she thinks that because that is not right, she was going to boycott chocolate products!

I tried to reason with her that cost of living over there may be super low, and what the children are paid may not be as low as depicted in the documentary, and sometimes lobbyists will do certain things to push what they want or to score political points. And I told her, maybe its better for these kids to be paid the small sums to work in the fields, earning an honest living, then to hang around street corners and be lured by drugs or even worse, into prostitution.

Nothing I said could convince her to have that chocolate bar.

I guess having a strong-willed child has its pros and cons. They are not easily influenced by friends or what others think and do. But they can be so stubborn, that even logical reasoning may not sway them.


Stardust said...

I love her! Her uprightness and strength to withstand temptation. Maybe she's just not convinced, not plainly stubborn. :)

stay-at-home mum said...

Stardust, she is definitely not convinced, and stubborn too!!

doc said...

we were all at one time strong-willed & that's not a bad thing, provided we learn to make the right decisions & cultivate the right convictions.

that's where parental guidance comes in.

happy parenting!!

bp said...

It's for a good thing in this case, her belief that young children should not be exploited like this, I like that :).

I do also get what you say, and think like you that better the labour than something untoward happening to the children if they were slaves instead to those other things.

And yeap, the stubborn, strongwilled, we've all got that in ourselves, our children. You know, I still try not to tear my hair out over those no-brainer (to me) things that dunno why they choose to put up a fight about. Becoz they have their own will lah ;p!

Amen to what Doc said, may God guide us, show us, the values that matter.