Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A soup by any name ...

... taste just as delicious!

My kids are funny. If they dont like something, they wont eat it ... at all!

Even cooked with other stuff, they will just not touch it!

Last evening, I offered my daughter tang hoon soup, (glass noodle soup) and I offered my son fishball soup. They both agreed to have their respective soups, and drank up every last drop in their bowls.

Fortunately they did not look into the pot, or they would not have drunk it at all.

Why? Becoz the soup cooked was actually tang hoon with fishball soup. My daughter doesnt like fishballs cooked in soup, and my son hates tang hoon.

So it is true, a soup by any name tastes just as delicious ... just as long as my kids dont know what goes into it!! AND what they dont know wont hurt them!!

This is just one of the things a Mum has to do just to get her kids to eat!!


ilene ong said...

hahaha ... very ingenious of you mum!! Playing psychology!

doc said...

yes, in this instance, ignorance is bliss but this does not apply to other aspects of life.

the old orthopaedic professor was cynical when we could not interpret x-rays : "the eyes don't see what the mind doesn't know!"


bp said...

Hehe, you outsmarted them! I love both you know, will gladly ask you for seconds AND thirds! :D

It's TGIF there already, blessed weekend my dear!

Stardust said...

Do your darlings read your blog?

And they got me thinking, what's so yucky about fishball and glass noodles? So fussy!

Oh dear, really, do they read your blog? They won't know it's me right? :P

stay-at-home mum said...

Stardust, actually they dont read my blog.