Monday, January 9, 2012

Get your shoes from the fridge

Haha! Yes that was what I told me daughter this morning and all the kids were shocked.

Do I keep shoes in the fridge? NO! of course not!

We had freakishly wet weather over the weekend. And guess what, her school shoes didnt dry on time for school today.

So, what I did was put her shoes under the fridge coz it is quite warm over there, hoping that the heat generated by the fridge would dry her shoes in time for her to put them on for school. (yes, I forgot to buy her a new spare pair of shoes).

So, I told her to get her shoes from there. Guess, I should have been more specific by saying: Get your shoes from under the fridge!

Well, that's the household tip I wanted to share: if the shoes do not dry in time, put them under the fridge. A half hour would make them really crisp and dry. :D


bp said...

Hehe, thanks for sharing! This sure brings back memories of when I used to put my school shoes under the fridge too over rainy weekends or for some (must be good) reason I didn't wash them soon enough, to dry in time ;).

Do you still have to "whitewash" shoes? Sorry I am really quite behind. Of course there was also the trick of using chalk to cover up black marks, hehe!

Oh, those were the days!

stay-at-home mum said...

BP, no more whitewashing of shoes, coz the shoes are no longer canvas shoes. The kids prefer sports/track shoes now.

FAD MOM said...

happy new year! it's been a busy 2011 for me so I hardly had much time to blog and do anything much. every precious time I had I spent with my family. haven't visited you lately, how are you? my blogs are all kinda like 'dormant' for quite a while.

hope your Christmas was wonderful, New Year excellent and wishing you a fulfilling and meaningful 2012!

Constance aka Fadmom

Jishin said...

Cool! ^^ I remember when I was little I used to put shoes in the drier and my mom would get mad ^^; Sa, now I know what to do for next time :3 nya, thank you! <(゚ヮ゚<)

doc said...

i've always thought the immediate remedy is to use the hair-dryer.

stay-at-home mum said...

yes, doc, but unfortunately I dont have one at home. I am not one to style my hair, its wash and go!!

Terri said...

I would never even think about doing this to be honest, great tip. Thanks

Ling That's Me said...

wow ! SAHM, thanks for sharing such a great tip here! I shall try it :)