Saturday, January 7, 2012

Badge pinning ceremony

Different schools officially welcome the children into their school in different ways. Many of them have an orientation camp followed by a concert to mark their entry into secondary school.

But one that I have found really meaningful is the badge pinning ceremony.

It is something new which my son's school implemented this year. It could be becoz of the new principal.

It was a touching ceremony as parents were invited for the ceremony. A parent pins the badge onto their child's shirt whilst the principal reads out the "welcome" - the meaning of the school motto, what the badge represents, what the school hopes the boys to achieve, with soft music playing in the background. Emos will definitely tear as such an event.

It was like with this ceremony I have now entrusted my son to the school to mold into a scholar, an officer and a gentleman!

When my daughter was in Secondary school, there wasnt such a ceremony. Hers was the usual camp and concert. But this year, her school has also implemented this badge pinning ceremony. Instead, the Sec 4s pinned the badge for the sec 1s, as a welcome, and sort of "I hope you follow in my footsteps" kind of thingey. Just as meaningful, I find, coz the most senior in the school, were doing it for the newcomers. Of course some of the older girls were afraid that they would accidentally "poke" the girls whilst pinning the badges, as they have never done it for others before. I am glad to report that no accidental "stabbings" occurred during the ceremony! Just too bad that parents (of the sec 1s) were not involved and were not able to witness the touching event.


bp said...

Oic, thanks for sharing, I had no idea! I'm glad you got to be there, so meaningful indeed... did you pack extra tissues? ;)

N is growing into a fine young man, amen!

Stardust said...

No wonder my bro at the same school didn't have the same ceremony.

I agree with you that it's totally a way to begin a journey. I'm sure it's etched in his mind forever. :) You should have a picture attached here!