Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wine 101

We were thinking on whether to allow our children to drink or not.

Well, we thought about it and came to the conclusion that when they are much older, they would be nothing much we would be able to do about it, if they wanted to drink.

We decided that we were not going to stop them coz then the forbidden fruit would even taste sweeter.

We also decided that if they were going to drink, we would prefer them to have their first in our presence, with our blessings, then we would be able to advise them as necessary. And also to see how they handle their alcohol.

And, we decided that if we were going to let them taste, we were only going to let them try the good stuff! No point wasting the liver on cheap stuff.

On Christmas eve, a friend's son was introduced to the world of whiskey. He got to try 4 different types all of different alcohol content levels. I must say that young man held his drink very well.

I am not much of a drinker. I can sip a glass of wine or at most two. A sip of brandy is all I can stomach (just to keep warm!), or a dash in my sharks fin soup. No beer nor whiskey for me. Husband drinks wine only. No hard liquor nor beer.

My girl indicated interest in wine, but did not have any that chritsmas eve night.

Instead we decided that New Year's day was a day as good as any to let her have a sip of that poison. Hubby opened a bottle of Krug 1988 champagne, and my eldest had her first sip. She was taught to admire the little tiny bubbles floating up in unison before drinking.

She was told not to be in a hurry to drink, and to take small sips. She was also advised that if she wanted to drink, drink only the "good" stuff, as bad ones can make you drunk!! (Haha! dont know if there is any truth to that! But hopefully the cost would deter her from drinking too much in the future)!!

Well I must say she enjoyed her first introduction to alcohol. She didnt turn red. She also learnt some "technical" information about champagnes, and the various names they go by. She was also given a wine encyclopedia for her to read up on how champagnes were made!

Must say the first lesson went well.

Thinking back I am just wondering if we made the correct decision of "only the good stuff". The good stuff are usually easier to drink, and thus would go down better. But would that make them think that since its so good, they want more?

Or should we have just give them the bad stuff - wines that are too young and thus tannic, and thus more difficult to drink? or old wines that are so old and badly stored that they have turned into vinegar. These would definitely put them off wine completely that they would never ever want to touch them again? That way, I would never have to worry about my kid getting drunk!!


doc said...

don't think there's a hard & fast rule on that. just follow your gut feeling aka conscience.

as in everything is life, moderation is the way to go.

bp said...

I think you did well to introduce your child(ren) to wine at home first, I really like that approach, your thinking and I feel the same way, too. Also, who better than you guys who know your wines so well, to do that.

We've also told our kids that we will like their first sips to be with us when they're introduced, and of course they're still young, so they drink sparkling apple cider when it's a special occasion like Christmas. I love wine, don't know krug from chardonnay tho', and hubby and I will drink a glass now and then, we just get the cheaper wine off supermarket shelves, and I just like the reds not too tannic. Little luxuries! ;p