Monday, May 11, 2009

One in a million

His older sister has 3 exams on Tuesday - Literature, Biology and Geography, (which I think is terrible - imagine, 3 mugging papers in one morning!!) and was busy studying on saturday afternoon. My son, N, who was getting himself a snack (of blueberries and raspberries) did the sweetest thing. He washed extra, and brought a bowl up to his sister's room for her to snack on whilst she studied!!

Later that evening, when we were watching TV, lil D asked for ice cream. Not moving, as I was waiting for a commercial break, this brother went to the fridge, got a bowl, scooped up Lil D's favourite ice cream flavour, washed some fruits, and added it to the ice cream and gave it to her!!

What more can you ask for??

Much as he tests and drives me up the wall ever so often, I think as a brother, he is one in a million!!


iml said...

Every child has a gentler and kinder side. It's just that it's not often shown.

TripleJin said...

wah..this is a really caring brother!

NomadicMom said... good boy!!
Don't know when I will see one of my boys being thoughtful as such to the other boy...

Stardust said...

Oh, your boy is giving me weak knees!

My lil bro is one of this kind. Sweet and caring. Though we may be miles away, I never fail to feel his love for me. I'm truly blessed to have a great brother like him. =)