Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Focus on Hygiene

With the current Influenza A (H1N1) outbreak, we have been focusing on hygiene at home again.

Previously, I always held the notion that its ok to contract a little germs coz thats the way to build immunity.

With my oldest, milk bottles were sterilised until she was way past one, her plates, forks and spoons were rinsed in hot water before use. If something she was eating fell on the floor, into the bin it went. Cleanlinest was of utmost importance.

When my second child came along, our hygiene standards dropped a notch. He was allowed to behave the way little boys LOVED to behave - rolling on the floor in restaurants, dig in dirt, lick his dirty fingers, eat his dropped biscuit (tho' the 10 second rule applied).

And when my third child came along, .... urm ... I am embarrased to say, we were even more relaxed!! Even that 10 second rule didnt quite matter anymore.

The funny thing is : comparing my 3 kids - the youngest fell sick the least!! I remember numerous trips to the paediatrician for my oldest. The long waits due to her fevers, numerous colds and flus, and of course diarrhoea. And we were such regulars at the clinic - not a month went by without at least a visit!

But with this flu outbreak, we are not taking any chances. The kids are reminded to wash their hands with soap more frequently, not to rub their eyes, and to practise more consideration especially when sneezing or coughing. The previous SARS outbreak has struck fear in our hearts. We are not taking any chances!! Are you??

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bp said...

hehe, jon and ben are like N (boys will be boys), and kait i'm also more lax...

good thing it all turned out less scary, but i am still nagging the boys to wash their hands... sigh!