Thursday, October 16, 2008

What do you say when you meet the president?

When I started my morning exercises, my friends who exercise at the same place told me that I would very likely meet the president. They told me he was one friendly chap who always stopped to talk to those passing him.

But what do you say when you meet the president?? I dont know! In a formal situation, say, at a prize-giving ceremony or a similar kind of occasion, I guess, he would be the one to start the conversation, and the talk would probably revolve around the occasion. But when you are out exercising and he stops to talk... what to say to him??

Thoughts ran thru' my mind. Should I stop and shake his hands and greet him with a "Good Morning Mr President", like we see at the movies? And then pour out all the changes that I would like to see made in the country? Nah! That I should reserve for the Prime Minister, .. if I should ever meet him. Would addressing him as Mr President be too formal? Should I call him "sir" then? or should I address him by name? What if his security officer stops me from getting too near him for fear that I may assualt him (I always carry my mobile with me, and it could possibly look like a weapon). But I dont look that threatening.

So how? Well, I have met him many times already, and do you know what I do? I just break into a "brisker" walk when I am nearing him, and say "Good Morning" together with a head nod and smile to acknowledge him, and go by as quickly as I can, as if I am a serious walker preparing for the next Olympic Games 10km walk event!!


Stardust said...

Huh?!?! Exactly why and how do you get to meet the president so often?

Hehehe, I think I will just behave the same if I were you. =D

Congrats on the end of PSLE! Happy belated birthday to your cute son too! What a question to ask. Laughs...

Sigh, I've got so much to say to the PM, in my dreams. Since when have I accepted the fact that Singaporeans should have their mouths sealed?

bp said...

hehe, i'll do the same! way to go with your exercise regime, you must be looking really fabulous!

stay-at-home mum said...

Stardust - when u next come to spore, you must come for my morning walks with me. There we will meet the president - then I will bring you to breakfast - ok??

stay-at-home mum said...

bp - not looking fab yet, but definitely fitter!!

Constance Chan said...

understand what you mean perfectly.. several times, i met with our famous Dr V.B and in my thoughts i also worried about how to address him.. should it be Dr V or Sir or... in the end, shaking hands i mumbled something i think became too incoherant!! wanted to kick myself!