Saturday, October 11, 2008

A huge load off her shoulders

Yes, a huge load has been lifted off my daughter's shoulders now that the PSLE is over. Many may scoff and say that it is only the PSLE, but in Singapore, every common exam is a major exam for our children, nevermind what level they are at. It is a brigde they have to cross that may affect their futures, hence the stress for them to do well.

We have always told her that as long as she gave her best, we will not fault her no matter what her results, and some how, being the conscientious and hard-working girl that she is, she has worked hard.

We tried not to stress her, but we found that we had to constantly remind her to study, and stay focused on the exams, coz children being children, they can get carried away at times by distractions. I guess, we ourselves were stressed, even though we were not the ones taking the exams!! There were nights when I awoke at 3am after having a dream about her exam papers!! Even I couldnt believe it. When I was sitting for my own exams, even the Uni ones, I never worried or fretted like I did the past few weeks. I guess this was one exam I had absolutely no control over.

Now, with the exams over, I noticed that there is a spring in her step, and her appetite has improved. She seems happier and even has time to play pranks on her siblings. Tho' she never outwardly complained, she must have internalised the stress she was feeling.

Well, I guess we will enjoy ourselves for the next 5 or so weeks before we start worrying and fretting the week before the results are released. That's life, I guess.

"Lord, give success to the work of her hands!"


YoU'll NeVeR WaLk AloNe said...

yes, you are right. even if a simple CA/SA in P1 only, I think I will feel the stress. can't imagine the stress level when my girl is having PSLE next time!

- Ling

Constance Chan said...

what a relief for her! still exams for the rest though. and next weekend is a long weekend because of the PSLE marking days... my girl says go holiday somemore... aiyo. i told her coming back that week are some important papers!

bp said...

Yay, time to sit back and relax... Well done, S, well done SAHM for working so hard, and running the race with fervour!

I believe S will do really well, so rest in the Lord and expect great results =)