Monday, October 13, 2008

Am I Adopted?

My son asked me that question last week. It was after a rough patch we were both going thru', and he felt he had been getting the short end of the stick. My response to him was: What do you think?

He said: I think I am adopted.

My elder daughter then interjected: As far as I know, you both (referring to him and my younger daughter) are not adopted. BUT, I dont know if I am!

I then turned to my elder daughter and looked her in the face, staring hard at her. At that point she started screaming: "Oh my gosh!! I am looking at myself in the mirror!! So, I guess I am not adopted too!!" Then she cracked up laughing.

Well, son - you are definitely not adopted. You arrived on this day 9 years ago. Your arrival brought us all great joy then, and will be continue to. You were much loved then and will continue to be by all in the family today and alway! Happy Birthday, N!!


YoU'll NeVeR WaLk AloNe said...

ah...another Oct month birthday children! :)

Happy birthday N !

Psst! When I was young, I also think I am adopted! Because my mother favours boys more than girls.

- Ling

Constance Chan said...

happy belated birthday to N too! hahaha i used to think i was picked up from the garbage bin and my sis from the rubber plantation! and that alone I felt that rubber plantation seemed to have a higher status so the preference was to her, not me because garbage bin is smellier! hahahaha

bp said...

Hahaha, S has a great sense of humour!

Happy Birthday to precious N!

S, N, D, each one of them is ultra special... and you love them so very very very much!!!