Wednesday, October 8, 2008


They are really amazing creatures! We had the privilege to play hosts to 7 of my son's friends not so long ago, and this was the first time I have had so many boys in my home.

They are really different from girls. When my oldest had her friends over previously, they could just sit around and eat, or play board games, or twirl each others hair. But boys, they are really wired differently. They are not interested at all in food (except chips and fizzy drinks). We had a BBQ going, but they did not want to eat. I couldnt let them go home without dinner, so I had to force them to eat. Most of them wolfed down a sausage and said they were done - never mind the chicken, lamb chops, squid, etc all crying out to them to be eaten.

They can play soccer anytime, anywhere! When they had to abandon their soccer game halfway because of rain, they were equally happy playing FIFA 08 on the x-box. Anything soccer will do. Even table-soccer! Even if they dont have a ball. I have seen them kick around a tennis ball, a mineral water bottle, someone else's shoe, a pencil case, even a toy pig!! I am not kidding.

And the mess they are capable of making!! Even in areas that were out-of-bounds for them, like my bedroom. Not sure how the crumbs found and mess found their way there. You would have thought that my home was ravaged by a hurricane at the end of the gathering. There were crumbs everywhere, and I mean everywhere! Dont ask me where it came from. Guesss they must be like "Pigpen" from Charlie Brown where dirt follows them where ever they go.

And even after a soccer game, they were so active, even tho I made sure I did not serve anythimg that would trigger off a hyperactive reaction, they were bouncing on the sofa and playing so boisterously. I guesss boys will be boys!


Stardust said...

Ha! Muahahaha, boys will be boys, but I thought that they're pretty fun. Hahahah...

Is the PSLE war over? Phew... does that mean that you can take a breather now? ;)

iml said...

Ah! boys, they bring so much fun joy and buzz!!!

bp said...

Hahaha, that part about boys not needing a ball to play soccer, I can identify with you on that, coz not just for N and his friends, my boys are like this also, especially the elder one even at homework time... drives me crazy!

Is this like an early celebration for N's b'day? Sounds like a blast, and wish I could have been there to eat all the yummy food you served up! But yeah, boys will be boys!!! *flings hands in exasperation*

bp said...

Oh yes, wanted to thank you for checking in on me... I'm OK, been just so tired, but will love to keep in touch and try and blog whenever I can!