Saturday, October 25, 2008

Red Roses for a Blue Lady

Many years ago, hubby and I agreed that he will not send me flowers as I have always told him that the florists make a bundle out of a bouquet, and the flowers die eventually. The money would be better spent on a nice meal or a little keepsake (read *bling*).

So a few months ago, when I was feeling really down over the happenings at home, whilst I was out picking little D home from school, this arrived at my doorstep:

It came without the senders name! Had hubby forgotten our agreement? Or do I really have a secret admirer somewhere out there?? When my daughter S saw it, she asked me who it was from. I told her I didnt know as there was no name on it. Her guess was: Uncle Peter, as he always sends flowers. Duh! Why would my bro-in-law be sending me red roses, and 99 of them!!

I knew it had to be hubby. No secret admirers for this "bordering on old" lady! So he broke our pact!! Was I upset? Nah! It is nice to receive a surprise like this once in a while, especially when one is feeling blue, which brings me to the song written by Sid Tepper & Roy Bennett, which I remember Jimmy Osmond singing, and it goes like this

I want some red roses for a blue lady,

Mister florist, take my order, please.

We had a silly quarrel the other day,

I hope these pretty flowers chase her blues away.

Wrap up those red roses for a blue lady,

Send them to the sweetest gal in town.

And if they do the trick, I'll hurry back to pick

Your best white orchids for her wedding gown.

Red Roses For A Blue Lady. Words & Music by Sid Tepper & Roy Bennett


iml said...

I told hubby the same thing too but you know, it's a delight if he breaks it once awhile. It shows, notwithstanding what has been promised, flowers never fail to bring smiles. He LOVES YOU!!!!

Something About Us said...

aww...that's so sweet & romantic of your hubby!! 99 roses !! I also want !!

I also tell my hubby not to waste $$ on flowers as eventually they will wither. I prefer to see the $$ grow in my bank. hehe.

but really, once a while to receive while feeling blue, feels so great, isn't it?!

So envy leh! :D

- Ling

NomadicMom said...

Wow....99 RED Roses...
So did you reward him that night?? *wink* *wink*

bp said...

wooooooo... he loves you soooooooo v much! this kind of pact allowed to break again, eh?!

sahm, i hope you aren't feeling blue anymore! hugs for u for the weekend n new week ahead!

Stardust said...

Awww... I melt at the sight of that. He's so sweet!

I think the pact is ' breakable ' sometimes. =) If the violation brings on a smile. =)

Aren't you a blessed woman too!! (((HUGS)))

Gonna check out the song! ;)

J.H said...

Awww, it was just so romantic. I knew marriage had practical aspect. But a little surprise won't do any harm :-)

Constance Chan said...

OMG! i remember this song.. i loved it and used to copy down the lyrics by playing it over and over again.. it was my all time fave so i guess i'm very ancient too.

Shirley said...
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