Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Kudos to Some teachers!!

Yes, we should give credit when credit is due.

To the wonderful teachers my daughter has this year, I thank them!!

It started in December. Due to my daughter's medical problems, I usually touch base with her form teacher and the year's level custodian before the start of the new year.

When I called the school in December, I was told to leave my name and number. I wasnt expecting a call from the level custodian at all but she called me back within an hour of me leaving a message for her teacher to call me back. She told me she would brief her teachers accordingly. She also gave me the form teacher's name and email address.

As I was busy that day, I did not get around to messaging the form teacher until much later that day. And within an hour of my email message to her, she responded. She also added that the level custodian had already briefed her on my daughter's case.

How efficient can they be??

On the first day of school, I went in with my daughter. We went in early, as first days are usually chaotic affairs in all schools. We were there before 7 and we went straight to her classroom. And, we saw a lady just about to leave her classroom.

It was her form teacher personally checking that everything in the class was in order before the children came in!!

We dont see that happening very often. Many a times, teachers leave it to the school support staff to take care of all these matters. But here was one doing it herself!! And before 7am!!

On the first day of school, she gave each child a letter to bring home to their parents. This letter introduced herself as well as the other teachers. She laid out her expectations from the children and specifically stated the manner in which we were to help the children. In it she too gave us her contact details, including her personal mobile phone number, for us to contact her as and when required or if we have any queries.

This, I must say, is very brave of her, for I know of parents who abuse this information. They would be calling the teachers non-stop over trivial matters. For that I truly salute her, and I hope the parents of the children in my daughter's class would not abuse this privilege.

This teacher was on compassionate leave last week, and during that period, she never failed to update the class blog despite her absence from school.

Just this morning, my daughter informed me of something which I would require her form teacher's assistance. I sent her an email at 6am. She responded at 6.44am promising to attend to it!!

Amazing, isnt she??

We absolutely need teachers like this!! Totally Dedicated!!

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