Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A kitchen is ...

... where women gather to talk, cook and eat,

... where women show their love to the family,

... where lovely smells permeates,

... where some of us go to de-stress,

... a place where wonderful food is dished out

... the heart and soul of a home.

For those who love cooking, it's where all the action is.

When I was young, it was my Mum's domain.

We were allowed in, BUT don't you mess it up or you will be banished forever!!

As a result of that, I rarely ventured into the kitchen to experiment, if I had a choice.

When I lived in New York, my kitchen was mine and mine alone. I spent many hours there churning out food that added to my husband's waistline. He put on a whopping 30 pounds in that span of one year.

Nowadays, I am tempted by my friends' posts of their lovely creations from their kitchens. Much as I want to try them out, I hardly do. Not as much as I would love to. Why? Because of my experience from young. As I live with my in-laws, I try not to intrude into MIL's domain. She loves to cook and always has something on the stove, boiling, steaming, braising ... for dinner. The stove is usually lit. I venture in to cook or bake just like a guest chef does ... only when invited.

Sad, isnt it? How I wish sometimes I had a kitchen to call my own.

This princess is waiting for a castle to call her own.

What's a kitchen to you?


Yan said...

Your New York time is my time now.

Your present time was my days in Sibu. I can identify exactly how you feel. Hugs.

During my last trip home, my MIL asked whether I went to cookery classes in Kuching.

Hmmm...I was very tempted to tell her, "I perform better not under your dominance and shadow."

Charmaine said...

Must be my fate. I've alwys been in the kitchen from a young age, helping Mum or Grandma esp during festivities like CNY. My kitchen is still my domain.

bp said...

Hugs hugs my dear, I know what you are saying coz I've been there too, like you, like Yan also, and it is so hard as the woman of the house to have to relinquish our kitchen rights. But you do that to keep the peace and harmony, you are such a great woman and daughter-in-law means a great wife and mother too, to know and do all that! *Salutes* It must be one of your secrets to having a wonderful relationship with your MIL!

I hope she sees that, too. I have no doubt you bake and cook up a storm each time you are in the kitchen! I think your next hol destination should have a nice kitchen so you can bake and cook uninterrupted and not feel like you are being watched either. Just because. And becoz I said so, hehe!