Thursday, February 7, 2013

Are you a scary mum?

My youngest was telling me about her friends who like me. They think I am friendly and fun.

But she said: If they were me, they wouldn't like you, coz you are a scary mum!

"How am I scary?" I asked her.

She replied: You shout, you scream and you scold me.

She went on to add : The best Mums are always are our friends mums. They are always nice to us.

"But of course!" I said, "We cant go around scolding other people's children, can we?"

I think there are some Mums that are always so loving and patient with their children. I know of a few. But I was surprised one day when one of my friends who I thought fell into that category posted on her facebook page: My daughter thinks I am scary!!

Never would I have imagined it. She's one of the sweetest, most patient mum I have met. And yet her daughter thinks she is scary. SCARY isn't it?

So are you a scary mum? Go ask your kids. Chances are they will say "Yes". If they say "no", give them a big. big hug, coz they are the most sensitive kids and they just don't want to hurt your feelings. Haha!


iml said...

Dont have to ask. I Am a scary mum. Who has never shouted, screamed and scolded their children before? I'm sure there are but definately not around my neighbourhood.

Charmaine said...

Yes I am a scary Mum and my girls know it. As you say, we can't go around scolding other people's children. If we are not fierce with our own children, who can?