Monday, December 3, 2012

What goes around comes around

Some time near the start of this year, I met my best friend from primary school.

The first comment she made to me was: You are looking good! You havent changed much.

My reply to her was: You are looking good too! Only that you have grown a little.

My kids who were with me chided me for being mean. You see, my friend has put on A LOT of weight. MY kids said: she paid you a compliment and you were nasty.

Was I really? Well, she having been my best friend then, I couldnt lie to her, I felt. I hadnt seen her in 30 years and was so happy to bump into her. She did look good, only probably 50lbs heavier.

Well, last friday, I met an ex-colleague whom I had not seen for >25 years. She is the one some years back whom I had corresponded with her when she was living in the UK. I had heard that she had breast cancer and was feeling really down from a common friend and had decided to write to her to try to give her some support. You can read about it here. She was looking really good for someone who had recovered from breast cancer. She too had grown heavier. But this time I was careful with my words. I told her that she looked good. But do you know what she said: What happened to you? I wasnt even sure if it was you or your auntie!

Gosh!! I had better improve my image. Do I really look that auntie? Or is it a case of what goes around, comes aroun? I better watch what I say from now on!!

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doc said...

the reason they are called "best friends" is because you can be honest with them, & they deserved to be told the truth. in return, they will appreciate you for it.

otherwise, just call them casual friends/acquaintances.