Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tis the season ...

... to meet up with friends!! And of course to be jolly!!

I dont know about you, but every time December comes along, I rush to meet up with friends. I just feel the need to. Before the year ends. It's like: must do it or a year would have ended without that last meeting. Not that its THAT final. There's still next year. But its good to tick off another item on the list of to do things for the year.

Even if these are friends that I meet up with during the year. Hehheh. More reason to be jolly.

December is traditionally a month of celebrations. Especially with 2 birthdays in the family, an anniversary, Christmas, and many friends' birthdays. Couple that with the school hols ... it sure makes everyone around here more relaxed.

Talking about friends. I basically have 2 groups of good friends who I meet up with more than the rest.

The first group being my close pals from school days. However, our gatherings nowadays tend to have a more sombre mood. We are at that age where are parents are getting old. So during our gatherings we tend to discuss our parents and their ailments and how to deal with them. And of course we talk about our own ailments. Aching limbs, gall stone problems, weak knees and legs, stiff backs, thyriod, you name it, one of us or our spouses would have it!! Sigh. But it's still fun to touch base and connect.And EAT!

My other group of good friends are the mums from my youngest's kindy class. We meet fairly often for our morning walks, breakfasts, Mum's night out, and occasionally we include the husbands as well. For this group, our conversation definitely centers around our kids (who were classmates at one point in time). But we also discuss our husbands, our in-laws, cooking, baking, hair styling, plants, health issues- AND FOOD!! Yeah, we love to eat! And we will always have laughter, lots of it!! Too much laughter sometimes that we get stares from others around us. Actually I am totally amazed that we click so well as a group, for we range in age from 36 to 49!!

Well, the year is coming to a close soon. I hope you take some time out to meet up with good friends, close friends, as many friends as you can. For tis the season to be really jolly!! Cheers!!

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