Thursday, November 29, 2012


Thanksgiving has come and gone.

I did give thanks. For my husband, my kids, and my family. For my friends and for all the blessings that have been bestowed on me by God. I pray that he will continue to bless me, my family, and of course, my friends.

Frequently, I notice my kids dont seem to appreciate what they have got.

Just a few days ago, D complained: I only got to play one wii game since we got home from vacation.

And this was how the conversation went ~

Me: How lucky you are!!

D: Lucky? You must be joking. Kor Kor and Jie Jie has played so many games, and I only played one game.

(That's because she has all these make-up classes for when we were away. 3 music classes in that week alone!!)

Me: Well, at least you got to play a game. I didnt. And think of all those children who dont even have a wii machine at home. They have never even played on the wii before.

Well, that shut her up for a bit.

Then she asked me: What did you play with when you were small?

Me: 5 stones, or I drew in the sand with a branch from the tree, or hopscotch.

Me: Be happy and thankful for all that you have been blessed.

D then smiled sheepishly.

Well, my kids are lucky to have been born into a life of abundance and yet they aren't very good at being thankful for that. We try very hard to teach them. They tend to think that most things are must haves. Much as we can afford to give them all that they need and want, I feel that we have to deny them some of these.

It is easy to enjoy the good life. That doesnt need to be learnt at all. But to learn to live without some of the necessities - that will be difficult. That's why I hold the view that if we deny them things, they can easily learn to live with luxury later, if they can afford it on their own later in life. Instead of the other way around. Or they will end up being miserable. Suffer now enjoy later, I feel is the way to go for the young ones. And then they will be really grateful for what they are blessed with.

And if you are interested, here's a link on how to raise a grateful child. The best way is definitely by example.

Have you given thanks today??

And on a lighter note:


Charmaine said...

LOL.. yes Thank God for the middle finger. Know what you mean about kids not showing more gratitude for their abundance in life. We just have to keep reinforcing the message of thanksgiving.

ilene ong said...

I grew up getting what I wanted or rather, "things were just given to me"! hahaha ... Yes, I was spoilt by my dad and all I needed to do then was to stretch out my hands and I would get it. But don't forget, those days things were much cheaper and we were without mobiles or tablets to play with. And this continued on even after I started my working career and even after I got married! And when my girl was born, it was then her turn to be spoilt by my dad! It was only after my dad's death that I soon realised I couldn't manage my own finances and was feeling very miserable and depressed. Fortunately for me, mum was around to pull me out from my misery. It was then that I started to learn how to save but was still a little bit spendrift! To tell you the truth, it was only lately, through my daughter's 'teaching' & nagging, that I've learnt not to spend lavishly and saved more. Yes, in my case, my daughter was the stingy one who would calculate before buying! And till to-date, she's got me doing just that - calculate and think is it necessary to have it! :)

stay-at-home mum said...

Charmaine, sometimes I feel like a broken tape racorder. I wonder if they have switched off.

Ilene, thanks for sharing. You are lucky to have such a daughter!