Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Christmas came and went. So did the day the world was supposed to end.

Now the New year is around the corner. 2012 sure flew by fast.

It was a bitter sweet year for me.

Bitter due to the number of deaths of people I knew, plus illness inflicting those near and dear (myself included). My mother-in-law predicted at the start of the year that 2012 was going to be a bad year. She holds the belief that any Chinese calendar that had a double month was usually one that was filled with misfortunes. Not sure if that is true. She has her beliefs, I have my own. 2012 was one such year. Co-incidental? I am not sure but the number of funerals in my church was like 20% above most years. I am just glad 2012 is coming to a close (just in case her beliefs are true)!

The Sweetness during the year came from the successes achieved by my kids, and hubs from their hard work, the good times had with family and friends, (this was an especially good year in terms of meet ups with friends), going the extra mile for others in terms of committing my time to help out or lending a helping hand or ear to others who needed it, and of course money. Good family bonding time also upped that sweetness level.

The new year is less than 12 hours away. I have decided I will not come up with a list of resolutions. No point having a list of things I want to achieve and mourn over not achieving it at the year end. I will just take it as it comes and try to do good as and when I can, both for myself and others.

There will be no big party or celebrations to ring in the new year at my end. Just quiet time with the family.

May your New Year be blessed with good health, love, joy, peace and lots of fun family time! Happy New Year!!

And thanks for following my blog! To another good year of blogging!!

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Stardust said...

Happy New Year, the year is still new! I'm still here, just logging in less often than I've hoped. Am following this blog for good as long as you keep it. ;)

Is everything alright with you now? I hope that the illness mentioned came and has gone.

Blessing your year with abundant sweetness, more than what harvested in the last, ya? There's more to blog this year. :D