Saturday, January 5, 2013

Walk the talk

School has started, 3 days to be precise.

But the funny thing is that the first week of school was designated Week 0. Usually it is considered week 1.

The school terms here always run for 10 weeks each term. But this first term of 2013 is funny. It runs for 10 and a half weeks. Hence, this past week was week 0.

Why? I have no clue.

It seems to me the head and its parts are not working together.

First the Minister says they dont want to make it too stressful for the kids at school. They should have time to play. And then the one deciding on the school term decides that the kids should have 3 extra days added into the school year. So they have 3 less days to play, not?

No, I am not actually complaining. But it just goes to show, they dont walk the talk!!

1 comment:

iml said...

Youngest brought this to my attention too. Huh???!! week 0???
She is still complaining.