Monday, November 12, 2012

All my bags are ...

...not packed!!

Yikes! I leave on vacation in two days, and I havent even started thinking about packing!

I used to one that will plan up to two weeks before travelling all the things I will need. Then I will start putting aside those things , going to buy those which I dont have, making sure chargers for the camera, video, are all properly charged like a day or two before the trip. Making sure I have the correct adapters for where we are travelling to, checking the 2 week weather forecasts to be sure that we are adequately prepared for what may come our way.

But for my lst trip (in June), I only started packing 3 days before travel.Finishing the packing only like half an hour before we left for the airport. Now it's two days, and I have absolutely not even started thinking of what to pack!! I can even do my online check in now!! What am I doing here instead of packing??

Either I am now more organised, more relax, less highly strung, or just ??

Anyway, someone asked me last week: Do you pack for the kids and your husband does his own packing?

Actually, No, my kids do their own packing, I just do a cursory check to make sure they didnt forget anything important (like undies!!), and I do my husband's packing for him!! "Lucky man!" was the reply I got, "what a dutiful wife." Am I?

Who does the packing in your home when going on vacation?


doc said...

i think most guys, myself included, can't make decisions like this - only the wife knows who wants what, & only she knows how to pack it in the least number of bags!

bon voyage!

iml said...

Like yours, everyone in my household does their own packing including hubby. He wants to know what is in his bag.
Enjoy your holiday!!

stay-at-home mum said...

Haha! Doc, so its Mama knows best!

Iml, lucky you, you only have to pack for yourself.


Rose said...

I do most of the packings so I would do it many days in advance. Like a week if I know i would be busy before the day of departure.

Hahah! Does that make me a dutiful wife and good mom? :p

bp said...

Hubby packs for his own worktrips, but if it is a family roadtrip I do most of the packing except for eldest's things, he is used to packing for his own campouts and I can leave him to pack his own stuff. Also coz I can't fit all five of our clothes into one bag, heh! I have also asked younger boy to pack his own bag, and I will check if he put in underwear, that I definitely can relate, haha!

Safe travels for you guys! Have a fantabulous trip, you deserve it!

Charmaine said...

Everyone packs their own bags. With my girls, I will also check to ensure the essentials and right type of clothing for the weather.

Mumbles said...

I do the packing for the family, then everyone pitches in those special things they want on top of that. I'm a hyper-packer, and I have a "bad" habit of planning for all possibilities. In other words, we have nail clippers, a nail file, tweezers, bandages, powder, chewable anti-histamines, a small sewing kit with scissors, a deck of cards, a flashlight, and hand sanitizer. Every vacation, there's a moment where someone says, "Oh, no, I wish I had (fill in the blank" and I say, "We do!"


stay-at-home mum said...

Rose - definitely a dutiful wife and good mum, Thanks for coming by.

Bp - thanks. Great trip. It helps take a load off our backs (or bags) when the kids do their own packing.

Charmine - my kids are usually briefed on the weather before they start their packing.

Mumbles (Kris) - I am like you, I bring everything too! Except the kitchen sink. Haha!! Thanks for coming by!!