Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Moving on ...

Today marks the "graduation" of my oldest from Secondary school.

It seemed like it wasn't so long ago when I was preparing her for Primary 1, walking her through the school and canteen before the first day of school, teaching her how to use the public phone with a phone card, just in case she needed to contact me, and where to wait for me after school on the first day, because I wasn't going to be like the other parents hanging around school waiting for her.

When she moved to Primary 4, we went through that whole process again because she changed schools. That year there was much less to prep her, only the pick up arrangement, which to my horror was a nightmare!! 3 years flew by quickly, and before we knew it, we were invited to attend her graduation ceremony from primary school. (You can read about that here.)

Not long after that, we were queuing again to buy uniforms, books, etc. My girl was joining the school chosen by many top students in Singapore. We felt so proud, until her grades started to come in. We agonised over whether to get her external help, which she so strongly resisted. We wondered if we had made the correct decision of putting our little fish in that big pond. The tiger mum in me wanted to take over immediately and call in the external help, and not give her a say in the decision. But the man in the house was totally against it. Finally, I had to give in to the 2 of them, believing that she knew herself better. Her long school days, numerous assignments and projects, CCA commitments, late nights, her growth spurts and pimples all marked the last 4 years.

Yesterday, we were at her school, being the proud parents, sharing in her joy when she was conferred her school's colours awards for Outstanding Leadership and Outstanding Performance.

Today's graduation ceremony is unfortunately an event which parents are not invited to. And immediately after this morning's ceremony she will be going to her JC. The timing for the briefing by the JC couldnt be more timely!!

My girl is moving on to another phase of life. One where there it will be marked by even longer hours (we are told). More stress, having to settle into a new environment,having to make new friends, adapt to a different teaching style, and having to prepare for the another major exam in 2 short years. AND HORMONAL BOYS!!

Guess it's time for me to take out that chastity belt. But we would still be supporting her the whole journey.

Looks like our lil girl has grown up.

Love you S!! Be the best that you can be!!


Yan said...

So touching!

iml said...

Congratulation! The journey of knowledge seeking is never easy but with the parents' support and love will see them through.

Charmaine said...

Beautiful sharing, made me sentimental. I will be going through this journey in a few years time. Your girl's achievement is a testament to the love and support that both of you have shown and continue to show.

stay-at-home mum said...

I must say I was feeling a little emo when I wrote it.

doc said...

there will be many more rites of passage to come - varsity, employment, marriage, etc

go, S, be the best you can be!!

stay-at-home mum said...

Thanks Doc!

bp said...

Aww!!! Congrats, awesome job S, and mama, rock on in this next exciting chapter and more growing up!

I love it my dear, your loving support for your children always, thanks for sharing your journey as a mum! I went back and read the earlier account, I was already "there"/here, like it was just yesterday, oh how time flies!

Cheers to still more great times ahead!