Friday, October 19, 2012

Early Exams

Secondary schools in Singapore generally close for the year end hols much earlier than the primary schools. This is because they have to prepare the school for the GCE 'O' Level exams which start towards the end of October, and these older children do not go to school once the exams start so as not to cause any distractions (noise?) to those taking those exams.

Exams for most primary schools are usually at the end of October going into early November, except for those from full schools (offering both primary and secondary education as they too will close early together with the secondary school children).

Having children in both primary and secondary schools usually causes some friction in the family, as the secondary children are all ready to play and have fun, whilst their younger siblings are busy preparing for their year-end exam.

This is true in my home as well. Not so much with my oldest, who is quite an introvert and generally very considerate. But with the son, when he wants to play, he wants to P.L.A.Y, not withstanding his younger sister needing to study.

But this year, it is different. My youngest's school have held their year-end exams early, as a part of the school is about to be demolished for re-development.

So it was a great for me as all 3 had exams at about the same time and finished at almost the same time.

So we could really take advantage of the post-exam period and allow the kids to do as they wish.

Why cant the ministry of education do something about it and have all schools have their year-end exams at about the same time. It would make things easier for all concerned especially parents! And maybe then parents may consider having more kids to counter the low birth rate here. (ok that's a wild shot, but haha!! just maybe!!)

So, it's just 4 more weeks to the end of the school year, and the year-end hols. It's a no stress 4 weeks for me. For those still preparing for final exams, Jia you!!

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Charmaine said...

Lucky kids to get an early mark becos of O Level exams. Over here, school still goes on during the NSW HSC exams for Yr 12. It's usually held in the school hall, and other students are reminded to keep away from that area. Enjoy the rest of the term. Not long to go.