Monday, October 22, 2012

Ready to give it all up

Yes, I am.

But what?

My collection.

My collection of rings.

Yes, all kinds, with precious as well as semi-precious stones.

Done in various designs.

From the "wow! ones" to the simple designs.

Accumulated over a period of 10 years.

I dont know why I started on it. Maybe it was a sense of insecurity. Needing to have control.

I even went to the extent of buying my kids birthstones as well. All set for them, but with Mum wearing them first. *shakes head*

And now, when my "collection" is close to completion, I feel that I have no need for them at all.

In fact, nowadays I hardly wear them on a daily basis. I used to wear one everyday, that would match what I was wearing.

Now, I will wear one when I go out to dinner. Usually my favourite one.

What on earth do I need so many for?? I asked myself the other day. At any one time, I can only wear one.

The money would have been better spent else where. Like investing in stocks and shares.

Guess my girls would benefit from it one day.

Meanwhile, they sit in "cold storage". I hope I do not get tempted into this "impulse" buying again.

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ilene ong said...

Sound so similar .... :)

My mum too have a collection of gem stones and birth stones and simply because my dad would buy and buy all these stones, some with settings done and some without. And now that they're both no longer around, it's being distributed, as instructed, amongst us children and daughter-in-law and grandchildren.

Like you, looking at all these jewellery, I now wonder, wouldn't it be good if we had that cash in hand instead? And what more with robberies on the rise, these days it is definitely no longer safe for us to wear them casually. What a pity!