Monday, September 17, 2012

Sick? I am going shopping!

Ever been sick and tried self prescribing and didnt recover for a long, long time. And the day you visit the doctor is the day you fully recover?

Well, I notice that happens to my kids all the time.

They can be running a fever for a few days, and all the paracetamol I give them just dont help at all. Or they could be coughing for weeks, just like D now. It's been two weeks since she started this cough that wont go away. I have tried giving her dhasedyl, which was prescribed by her doctor, and he has always told me to buy by the bottle and give it to her if she comes down with a cough. But the cough just doesnt seem to be wanting to stop.

Well, my Mother-in-law has this theory that we just need to make that "donation" to the doc's coffers and the illness will go away. And that seems to have come true for many, many times already. She believes that money that has to be spent must be spent. If not, it will just have to go out of the pocket in other ways. And it usually comes in the form of illnesses where we will have no choice but to spend it and get back our good health. I guess, that is one expenditure many do not mind to spend on.

Well, I told her if that is really true, I am going shopping every month, no make that week, to spend my money to my family's good health! And all doctors will be jobless.

*Another old housewife's belief. Disclaimer: Recovery not guaranteed.


iml said...

Let's go shopping!!

doc said...

now you know why all your friends want their kids to do medicine!!