Thursday, September 6, 2012


The hubs was invited out to dinner one evening. He enjoyed it so much he insisted that we had to go. The restaurant is on Stanley Street, a street parallel to Cecil Street, right in the heart of the business district.

It was a Saturday evening, and the restaurant was full. Thank goodness he made a reservation. This is what we had:

Rolled Wagyu Beef Carpaccio Cannellone Filled with Burrata Cheese, Wild Rocket and Mixed Pickled Mushrooms

Millefoglie of Organic Eggplant with Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese
with "San Marzano" Tomato Sauce
This dish was done to perfection.

Home Made Ravioli Filled with 8-Hours Braised Duck Leg with Meat Jus and Shaved Smoked Ricotta Cheese
Little parcels of delight, would be how I describe this dish.

Roasted Octopus and squid with Vegetables
The octopus and squid were cooked just right.

Mushroom risotto with truffles.
One of the best risottos I have eaten with a very generous serve of truffles.

Baked Pineapple with sorbet and biscotti.


Stardust said...

Honey, have you turned this into a foodie blog?

Thanks for sharing nevertheless, for all my life I may never know what other edibles lay out there. :) And I can't help feeling what glam names the dishes have!

bp said...

Did you enjoy it just as much? I think I might really like the octopus and squid one! What did you have to drink?

stay-at-home mum said...

Must say the food was "AWESOME"!!
And, no, I dont think I am turning it to a foodie blog coz I am not good at describing food - only good at eating it. Gulp. And a friend e-mailed me to ask: are you going thru menopause? coz many women that do go thru a food craze. Double gulp! Not ready to accept that I am aging, so no more food posts!!

Charmaine said...

That ravioli looks good. Glad you enjoyed your date night with hubby. What's this about women go through food craze during menopause? Nvr heard of it. If it's true, then I started menopause many years ago then. :D

stay-at-home mum said...

Haha! I have never heard of it either Charmaine.