Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Old habits die hard

Everyone loves seeing big pots of yummy food. My late paternal grandmother used to do that. Up to 10 extra people can come for dinner unannounced, and there will be no shortage of food.

My mother-in-law is just like my late grandmother. She loves cooking loads. Huge pots of yummilicious food, especially on Saturday evenings when her daughter and the family comes back for dinner and on special occasions.

BUT I hate it!!
Saturdays or not, special occasions or not!

Why? I hate excessiveness!!

For me I like it just right. ok, maybe a bit of left-overs.

You see, MIL's habits die hard. She cooks these huge quantities even on normal days.

There used to be 16 living under my in-laws roof, but now there are only 8 left. Sometime there is only 1 who is really eating all that food me!! Why? She usually cooks different dishes for the kids, and the kids dont eat that much after all. Also, she puts FIL, BIL and herself on a D.I.E.T. She says they are all too fat, and will restrict what they eat. MY hubs doesnt eat much either at dinner. So the only one that eats a normal sized dinner is ME! But she still cooks these huge amounts, like there are 16 huge healthy appetite adults eating!

And you know what happens? I can end up eating the same stuff as left-overs for days on hand. And I think I need something different sometimes!!


Charmaine said...

You have my sympathy. My MIL is the same, she just cannt change and adjust to cook just the right amounts. I hate wastage and I also hate eating the same food for days. I'm fine eating it the next day but after that, no more - jelak! What to do, everytime I complain, my hubby says just don't say anything.

stay-at-home mum said...

yes Charmaine, I hate wastage too. it's really terrible having to eat the same for lunch and dinner for up to 3-4 consecutive days. I dont mean to be ungrateful and complain, but sometimes I think its over-the-top. Too much of a "good thing".