Thursday, March 8, 2012

Life is Unpredictable

I was seated next to a couple at a wedding last year (on 12 March to be precise). I didnt know them, but the wife and I had many things to talk about. During the dinner, her daughter, who was seated at another table came by.

She was a young girl of 17, and I was really capticated by her beauty.

Yesterday I read in the papers that this same young girl had succumbed to brain cancer. You can read it here

They only discovered it in October 2011 and for 10 months she tried to fight her illness but with no success. A young life snubbed out so quickly.

Life is unpredictable. You never know what will hit you when. The worst thing a parent has to do is to bury their child. I can just imagine the pain the parents must be going through. My prayers go out for them. To carry them thru this phase in their life. To lighten the pain, to lessen the hurt, to dry the tears.

Sorry, I got to go hug my children now.

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bp said...

I read the article when it came out, and felt sad that the first doctors the family approached did not look deeper.

What a brave gal, she fought the fight with such good cheer!

Life is unpredictable, life is short, we have to cherish what we have in front of us.