Monday, September 12, 2011

Parenting a teen

That's one of the toughest job.

They tend to be quiet and moody, not wanting to share with you coz in their eyes you are old and just do not understand.

And I really do not understand.

When I tell them to do something, they tend to forget.

If I remind, I am nagging.

If I don't, it's my fault coz I didn't remind them to do it.

If I raise my voice to call out to them (coz they are upstairs and I am downstairs), I am shouting at them and they don't like it.

And if you have well developed lungs like yours truly, God help you, coz then you will be accused of shouting at them ALL THE TIME!

If I don't shout they will say they didnt hear me.

When I tell them to suggest a place for lunch, they would rather not.

But if I decide and they do not like my suggestion, they show me their face.

If you think it's tough being a teen, you are so wrong.

It's tougher being a parent ... of a teen.

And if you read this post hoping for some tips on how to parent a teen, I am sorry you came to the wrong place coz I really don't know how to. I just hope I get thru this phase without any scars to show for it. Wish me luck! I will be parenting at least one teen for the next 12 years.


ilene said...

I most certainly agree with you! Went thru it and that's how I ended up being on hypertension medication! hahaha....

Seriously, it is really tough trying to understand them. When I was that age, I didn't give that much of problem to my parents. hehehe Well, like everyone says, the world has changed and it's now their world and we've got to keep mum! But then again, they will think we don't care for them! And then if we don't scream our lungs out, they'll tell us that we didn't push them hard enough! *sigh*

All I can tell you now is, to be prepared for more arguments and long face and lots of "sorry" and tears, at times.


Stardust said...

I'm beating my chest and feeling you though it's not a teen I'm handling. That 40 overaged that behaves like a teen! Pulling out hair.

I'm sure you're not alone and the challenges come to everyone. Do not be discouraged, let's pray for strength and wisdom.

bp said...

you know i know what you mean 'coz my tween going on teen is like that also for sometime already!

sometimes really headache ah!