Sunday, September 25, 2011

F1 fever

F1 is in town, and the roads around the circuit are chock-a-block! Road closures, jams, detours, crowds! That basically sums it up.

We were given free tickets to the event and as a treat for the children, we brought them on Friday for the practice sessions. The security was tight. The atmosphere was carnival like. The food they served were quite scrumptious. . The noise from the racing cars was deafening, even with year plugs on. The speed at which they went was truly amazing. It was so fast, I could hardly tell who drove by. Then again, it could have been me, coz when the practice runs were over, my son could tell me which driver wore what coloured helmet. I didn't quite believe him at first, but when we got home and watched the repeat telecasts, I found that he was correct!

Now, having watched the real thing, they are hooked! I guess the ambience and actually seeing it live made the difference. Unfortunately, due to the exams this week, we decided not to bring the children to the actual race :( despite having the tickets.

We have promised them that we will bring them next year instead ... if we are again given free tickets, coz having to fork out that kind of money just to watch them whizz by at those speeds just doesnt make sense!

Will post some of the photos I took later on when I download them, so keep a look out for those pics.


Stardust said...

Boys will be boys, they probably can tell you which gear the driver used at certain corners.

Woah hoho, what kind of connections have you got really. F1 tixes, even to the actual race?

bp said...

What a nice pre-exam outing, and I'm sure N knows his schoolwork as well as he could tell who was who on that racetrack!

He's all set... REV, REV... to ace his exams!!!

stay-at-home mum said...

Stardust, the tics were courtesy of the bankers!

BP - praying that he aces his exams.