Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Lady?

The talk around here for the past 2 weeks has, of course, been about the Presidential Elections (PE).

There was a point when friends couldnt decide who to vote for between 2 candidates that they decided they had to take a look at the photos of the first-lady-to-be to help make their decision.You see, over here, the photos of the President and the First Lady are hung in all schools, and government offices. And these friends decided, the First Lady had to be pleasant looking or they would be tortured having to see their faces everyday for the next 6 years. Of course, the choice was made based on the husbands capabilities as President, with the wife's face being the factor that tilted their choice.

As you all know, Dr Tony Tan was elected president on 27 August 2011 and his wife, with that doting patient grandmotherly look may have helped him get that 0.34% more vote compared to his nearest rival. Congrats to Dr Tony Tan!!

Just yesterday (the first school day after the elections), the talk amongst the parents and gradnparents was still on the PE. This lady, an acquaintance, came up to me and said: IF Tan Jee Say can be president, so can your husband. He also manages millions of dollars!! And I think your husband will garner more than the 25% of votes coz he is less confrontational, more diplomatic, and seems a much nicer guy than Jee Say!!

WOW! That comment hit me. Never thought of that! Yes, he manages millions of $$, but only as an employee, yes, he is absolutely not confrontational, yes, he is very diplomatic! (must have been learnt from his years of working for the government), and yes, he is a nice guy - if not why would I have married him!! So he qualifies to run!! Double WOW!! Four million smackeroos a year ... I could do A LOT of SHOPPING and TRAVELLING with that money!! TRIPLE WOW!!

BUT unfortunately he doesnt have any political aspirations, so I can totally forget about getting a make-over, coz I will never be judged for my potential as a first lady : P

Must say I am glad he doesnt have any political aspirations, coz dont think we like to be under public scrutiny at all. We rather be private citizens ABC and XYZ.


Yan said...

I told my son Chris it must be Dr Tony Tan. I continued, Singaporeans can't remember names like Tan Cheng Bock, or Tan Jee Say, and what's the other name, something like Ke Lian..
It's so easy to remember Tony Tan!

Lesson? Give your children an easy name to remember!

Stardust said...

Listen, you have 6 years from now to drill some political aspiration into your man. ;) By then, can I request for a picture with you on a morning walk? :D

bp said...

Laughing at what Yan commented, and Stardust beat me to asking for your photo.. I want your autograph too, not just take a morning walk together ;), that was what I wanted to tell you!

Ok, had to come back to let you know I especially enjoyed this post, smiled and smiled at all you said... and hey, you never know, I do think you will make a great First Lady :). Remember me hor, when the time comes, hehe!