Friday, October 15, 2010

Wake up Sleepy head!

There are 2 types of kids, those that jump right out of bed when you wake them and those that don't. I have both types in my house. My son is of the first, and my eldest is of the second.

Every morning I have difficulty waking my daughter S, up for school. I don't know if it's because she was up until late studying, messaging her friends, reading or what? But I do know it's a chore waking her up everyday!! I have to wake her 3 times (i.e. go to her room 3 times) and shout: "You are already late if you don't get up NOW!" before she will even stir. I pity her brother and Dad who has to wait for her EVERY morning. I have told my hubby a couple of times to just leave without her, then maybe she will wake up (pardon the pun) and realise why she should make the effort to get up the 1st time any one wakes her up for school.

I can imagine this transpiring in school if she has to get to school on her own:

TEACHER: Young lady, you've been late for school five days this week. Does that make you happy?
My daughter: Sure does. That means it's Friday, and I can sleep in late tomorrow.

Well, on the subject of school, my daughter is in Secondary 2 this year, which means she has to "elect" the subjects that she wants to major in next year. An all time favourite subject of hers is Geography. I have 3 cousins who majored in Geography in the University. All became academics - one a Head of Humanities in a Secondary school, another a Principal, and the 3rd, the Provost at the local University. I was telling my daughter that if she were to major in Geography, it is likely that she will become an academic too ... but we dont need that in the family. I need a doctor - especially with the rising healthcare costs.

And this is what would probably happen in 20 years time:

ME: "Come on, S, you have to get out of bed or you'll be late for school."

S: "Mum, do I have to? All the teachers hate me, and all the students hate me, too."

Me: "Yes, you do."

S: "Give me one good reason."

Me: "Because you're 34 years old, and you're the principal of the school."


JoMel said...

hahaha.. love your sense of humour. S is like me.. I'm a sleepyhead too..

Perhaps S needs all that sleep to renew her brain cells, so that makes her good in her studies! :D

Stardust said...

Aww, I'm sure she gets out of the phase in time. ;) And who knows she may change the bearings of her passion!

bp said...

hahaha, good one! and i also have both types in my home but my patience is running thin for the one who needs me to call him again and again and again... and then we really have to run out the door 'coz we are running late! the morning rush is also more intense with Vern away; these few weeks are a more hectic travelling schedule, barely home and he's off again and again.

anyway, i wanted to ask you, how did your request go? i hope you managed to get the appt for the clarification.

have a blessed weekend now!

NomadicMom said...

Haha... Funny!

Eh...both my boys are Sleepyheads. Soooooooo difficult to wake both of them. Have to call umpteen times too.

doc said...

i know it's alarming when kids that age behave like that but i can assure you all is not lost.

my daughter was exactly like that, a sleepyhead, when she was at home - can't get up at 6.30am. now that she's in hostel, if she's not up by 6.15, she'll have to queue for toilet & breakfast, & wait for the public bus.

so far, i've not had any word from the class teacher/principal.

Page After Page said...

LOL. that is so funny! Love it.