Monday, October 18, 2010

Hunting for ideas

I am hunting for ideas for my lil girl's coming birthday party.

You see, since she was born, she never really had a big birthday celebration with her friends. Last year's was a rather impromtu gathering, and she didnt even get to choose her cake. We just bought what there was on the shelves. As for party entertainment, the kids just played on the wii!!

Whilst both her elder brother and sister celebrated every birthday with a party until age 7 this youngest has had close to nothing. So, I thought that since this is her last year in Kindergarten, I will make it up to her with a big celebration before she starts primary school with a new group of friends. BUT I am short of ideas on what to do for entertainment.

You see, her classmates have all been having parties this year, and also the last few years. We have been invited to parties with magicians, magic bubble makers, baking parties, pool parties, parties with bouncy castles and jungle gyms, a star wars party, a MacDonald's party, etc. And I was thinking that I wanted to do something different.

I did a treasure hunt party some years back and the kids had a good time, but I am not quite in the mood for 15 kids to be running all over the house this time round. The last time we hosted a mini-sports carnival for my son, it was a huge success, coz the boys simply loved it.

Initially I thought we would do this sports theme party again where I will get my oldest and her friends to run the games for me. That would save me some money too. But, that is not the kind of party my "unatheletic" lil one would like.

So now I am back to the drawing board again. I thought of doing a "kooky art" party for her, but when I look at what they charge, I think it is a little exorbitant, especially since I know the cost of baking those cookies and cakes are actually quite cheap. I probably could do it myself, but I think I should out-source the party running to the professionals, as that would leave me free to entertain and socialise with the parents.

So, if you have any great party ideas, please share with me!!


JoMel said...

I hate planning for parties... so I'm going to learn from you... so I am the wrong person to ask. hahaha

Page After Page said...

I don't know exactly how old your daughter is. But I am figuring young. If you are not wanting to have a birthday party at your house, I have some ideas.
Maybe you can hold it at a local park (if her birthday is in the summer) and have a big water balloon fight. Kids LOVE to have water ballon fights. Then let them go play.

Stardust said...

I thought I'd wake up with some ideas. Er... none.


Ok, forget me. :P

bp said...

this is so exciting, i'm sure D is really looking fwd to it! i think you must have checked with her already on what ideas she may have, in addition to all these wonderful ones you've thot up and explored.

offhand i can only think of a dress-up party, like Halloween, or will that be too similar to her school's storybook character days when you shared b4 about her going as princess, etc? or still thinking along dress-up lines, but maybe fixing the theme, and play games or do crafts to do with that.

happy planning now! i believe with your creativity and organizational skills, and not to mention hospitality, the party will be a really great one!