Monday, October 25, 2010

Busy, busy days ahead

The exams are over for one child. In fact the grades have already been back. Did very well for those subjects she loves, and pretty average grades for all the rest. What can I say? Practise, practise, practise! For math that is!! I cant understand why the kids dont understand that Math is a subject where you can score full marks for! All you have to do is practise. it is NOT one where you study for it. I guess, you can tell I aced my math papers when I was in school. And all of that was thru practise. It is a waste if you dont score close to a perfect score for math. So, if you are a school going child, and reading my blog - go practise your math.

Ok, now that I have gotten that out of my system, it is exam week for my second child. Cant wait for the middle of next week to be here, coz thats when it will all be over, and we can all go celebrate, play, party, have fun. It has been a grueling 4 terms this year!

It is also graduation concert week for the youngest, and we are all looking forward to the concert!

You may be pleased to know that its all systems go for her "birthday" party too! It will be one month early, but so what!! Its going to be a dance party! Everybody can then let down their hair and boogie!!

So, this control freak is now trying to get things all ready for that P-A-R-T-Y!! Party favours, games, food, decor, prizes and ermm ... did I miss out anything? Oh yes! Prayer ... for fine weather on that day!

So, have a great week ahead! I know I will be busy, busy, busy till then!


Stardust said...

Ok, Math Wizard, heard ya. Hope your schedule goes well and efforts well calculated. So sad that I can't go boogie at your place, sounds so fun fun fun!

So, enjoy lil D! It's your party!

JoMel said...

yes, I hear you!! *taking note to buy Math workbooks*

Dance party?? Woohoo! sounds like fun already!! Can you add on to the fun element by dressing up, wearing wigs, etc? That'll be so cool eh!

Meanwhile, you stay cool, keep cool, no matter the weather conditions! ;)

bp said...

Jiayou N (almost there, just a few more days to go now), hoping with you he'll do fabulously well, congrats to S on the great job, and woohoo, i'm looking fwd with you all to the dance (cum dressup also, yes?!) party, that'll surely be a hit with D and her friends!