Friday, August 27, 2010

What?!? You didnt win?

That was how my daughter greeted her Dad when he came home from a golf tournament last evening.

But I got some free golf balls, and a cap - he went.

Well, I didnt expect him to win anything, since he is no Tiger Woods (and Boy! am I glad he is no Tiger Woods) nor a Jack Nicklaus or a Nick Faldo. Also, since he only plays golf like once or twice a year, and only at Invitational Tournaments, I wasnt expecting anything.

But just before he left in the morning, I had teased him about scoring that hole-in-one for a new car I needed. And the kids were like - Yes! win that new car, PLEASEEEEE!!

And I guess, they were just giving him some of what he gives them when they go for chess tournaments ... expecting them to come back with a prize.

I guess what goes around comes around!!


iml said...

The pressure was just Too much for him!!!

bp said...

hehe, for your new car, i wish too with u he had won! next tournament, maybe? or is that too far away?