Monday, August 30, 2010

No more the bad one

Yes , I don't want to be the bad one any more!!

You know how there is always a good guy and a bad one at home? Usually the mum is the bad one, and I am definitely the one in my home. The disciplinarian! As a result the kids HATE me.

So, from now on I will be the good guy. Everything will be "ok". I won't discipline. I won't break bad news. I won't withdraw privileges. I won't call for lights out at bedtime. I won't force them to eat their vegetables.I won't remind them to do their homework nor study nor practise their piano. I won't nag them to drink their water. I won't scold them even if they leave trash in the fridge.

I won't , I won't, I won't.

Don't know how long I can tahan tho'. Wish me luck!


TripleJin said...


Yea right.

You won't be able to help yourself. I'm sure a nag will somehow slip itself right through.. :D

Yan said...

Haha.. unless you don't care and love anymore! The opposite of love is not HATE, it's indifferent!

Bet you have started to show love and care way before I share this view!

Happy parenting:)

iml said...

It won't last. It's just not Mum, to keep mum. Not saying a word, when you know they are going to get into trouble it they don't do their homework, scolded if they don't practise their piano, fall sick if they don't drink water, can't concentrate in class if they don't sleep early........urgh!!!!

bp said...

reverse psychology? ;p

bet they are going to miss the good old mommy! i hope she's back by now as you read this :)

Stardust said...

Hmm.. I do think that the basic instincts in everyone of us tell whether the person is mean by nitpicking, or trying to help but in a stern way.

I'm sure your kids don't hate you SAHM, sometimes even Bear reacts in objection to my nagging. It's human.

You want to try the 'fine' system? One mistake, 10cents thing? Hahahah! I do! Forget the lights again, 500 yen. Around $7.50 leh! =P Bo bian, cannot whip Bear.

NomadicMom said...

I am also the bad one.... My son actually said "dad's nicer, I'll go ask him". . I have to say that I was quite upset by that remark.