Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Men and coins

My husband comes home with a pocket of coins everyday. Yes, everyday. And he will leave it on the dresser, and it stays there FOREVER .... until I clear them (or someone pinches them).

He always gets coins as change when he goes out ... whether from the hawker when be buys his lunch, or when he buys some mint, or for his cup of coffee at the coffee joint ... BUT he never spends them. He just brings them home and leaves them on the dresser.

This has been happening for years. I remember when we were living in NY, and he used to do it. I started off with a little empty "flower pot" on my countertop in which he would put his coins at the end of each day. At the end of each week, when I counted my loot, I would have collected as much as $10!! At the end of our stay in NY, I had 3, yes 3, flowerpots of coins on my kitchen counter!

I dont clear his coins on a daily basis. Usually just before I leave for swim class with Lil D, I would take enough coins for our admission fees. If the children need some additional money, I would get them some from the top of the dresser. Also, when I find that my purse is running low on coins, I will top it up with some of his :) I seem to need coins all the time. I like to pay hawkers the exact amount if I have enough, or sometimes I need it for the supermarket trolley. BUT my husband doesnt seem to need to use coins at all.

However, every time before we go on vacation, I would take a plastic bag and clear away all the coins. Now I have quite a few number of little bags of coins in my locked drawer, and I can assure you it adds up to more than $50! Guess that is my only source of income!

I am not sure if this only happens in my family or is it universal. (MIL tells me that FIL does the same thing, and so does my BIL). So tell me: Why do men not use their coins??

Not sure if it happens in my home but the man from the neighbourhood shop tells us that every week, some maids would come by to his shop with plastic bags full of coins (in all denominations) for him to exchange to notes. No guessing where they amassed the coins from, coz they go by with such regularity and huge amounts!! So if you have the habit of leaving coins around the house, BEWARE!


doc said...

i may be the exception to the rule.

my wife collects coins like the men you mentioned, while i prefer to pay in exact change. after every few days, she would transfer those extra coins from her purse to the coin pouch in my wallet. i will then spend them & the cycle repeats itself.

bp said...

sama sama here! and not just with coins, my better half will even leave our mail strewn in 101 places... sigh! i've tried telling him where to put read/unread/KIV mail, but i need to start having proper coin jars so i can earn some dough for myself like you, hehe! your footnote is a wise and helpful reminder for those with live-in helpers, i wonder if the owners are aware that their maids are cashing in on their loose change again and again!

Ling That's Me said...

My hubby is the same like yours. It's always me who helps him to clear the coins and he wants to find a hole to hide his face whenever I used 2 5-cent coins to make up 10-cent! LOL!

NomadicMom said...

I have pots of coins too...but am not as hardworking as you lah. I only empty the pot once in a blue moon. Ever since living in Jakarta, my H brings home less coins as he would ditch them in the car for the driver's parking usage whenever he gets in.

Actually, I have pots of coins of different currency too. Always forget to bring along when we travel and the pot just gets bigger and bigger!

Think I need to clear my pot soon!

JoMel said...

Oh man! Pun intended..

I face the same thing with my man. I think it's just cos' they don't use a coin purse, like us ladies. Most men don't have a coin pouch in their wallets either (unlike the good doc here). But it's ok.. I don't mind being a coin collector. Although I much prefer being a note collector! But beggars cannot be choosers right?? LOL!