Friday, August 13, 2010

Spelling and the English Language

There was a contest on the radio channel we were listening to. It highlighted commonly misspelt words, and the person who could spell the word "manoeuvre" would win a prize. After attempts by various listeners, the correct answer was given, as there were no winners.

I was discussing it with my daughter,and commented that I would have spelt it wrong too, as I would have left out the middle "e". She commented that she thought it ended with a "ver".

I then went on to explain to her the differences between the American and British way of spelling - in many cases, the Americans left out the letter "u" like in "labour" and "harbour". As Singapore was once under the British rule, our spelling followed the British way of spelling. I then highlighted to her the spelling of "centre" and how the American spelt it "center".

Her response to me was: All along I thought it was spelt "S-A-N-T-A".


Stardust said...

Awww... so CUTE!

bp said...

Hahaha, she's pulling your leg! Jon spells badly, e.g. "try" was "trie" not too long ago, and that was trying for me!

TGIF, I didn't realize it's Fri the 13th but it is Meimei's happy day :). You have a happy weekend now!

JoMel said...

Hahahaha.. My kids' spelling is atrocious! That's cos' they don't read enough, preferring instead to watch the stupid tv.