Monday, February 8, 2010

She's got her man, Finally!!

She had eyed him whilst shopping one day, and it was "love at first sight". She wanted to take him home to meet the rest of the family, but wasnt sure if it was a good time. But she knew she wanted him all to herself.

One day, she plucked up her courage and asked her mum if she could bring him home but her mum said "no". "He will distract you, and you will not be able to concentrate on your work. Anyway, you are much too young," Mum said.

She thought of him at night - night after night, not able to sleep. She yearned for him. One day, she even asked her grandma if he could visit at Christmas. But Grandma's reply was: Only if your Mum says yes.

She prayed nightly for her Mum to change her mind.

One day, her brother was going thru' the store-room at home. He stumbled upon a box. It belonged to mum - everything did. Everything in that little room was mum's. But being angry with Mum for having withheld some of his privileges that week, he decided to pass the box to his little sister. He told her it was her "advance birthday present", though her birthday was not due for another 11 months.

When she saw the box, her heart-beat quickened. "Should I open it now?" she thought. But decided that she had better ask Mum for permission first.

When Mum saw the box that her son had given to her little one, her heart dropped. Why? why did you give that box to your little sister?!? she screamed at him. It is not yours to give.

But Mum knew that there was no turning back now that the little one had seen THAT box. She couldnt deny her little girl of it any longer.

So with glee, the little one opened the box. It was the guy she had wanted. The little prince from the Barbie collection she had been eying for so long. Now it was finally in her hands. Her very precious male doll.

And that was how my lil D got her man!!


Yan said...

That's interesting! Great mum! A prayer answered for lil D. How amazing. Chris told me how he believed in God. (you may have read somewhere in my blog, but no harm sharing one more time, right?)

We were praying for a baby boy or baby girl when he turned 4. Then, God gave us another baby, but it was an ectopic pregnancy, so I had to terminate it.

As I was wondering WHY, Chris said that we forgot to ask God to put the baby in the stomach (uterus)!

And years later, he shared with me that was the time that he believed there is God - and He is ever loving and in control!


Stardust said...

Ahahahah! But what holds you back from giving it to her? For another 11 months in fact.

stay-at-home mum said...


If little things like that can help her believe more in prayers and God, then I will be doing more of this!!

When she gets her new toy, she forgets about EVERYTHING - even her meals, school h/w, etc. So, currently battles with her bro is enough for me for now. I dont want to have to fight her to shower, eat and do her h/w over a toy- hence the toy in the storeroom. Cant have more white hair b4 the new year!

iml said...

Well written. You had me guessing right till the end! Never owned a barbie though.

stay-at-home mum said...

thanks iml :)

JoMel said...

hahah! I look forward to read the story on how she gets her real prince, many years to come... ;)