Friday, February 26, 2010


It is well known that women are great multi-taskers - doing a thousand and one things all at the same time, and excelling at it. Cooking, keeping an eye on the kids, laundry, house-keeping etc,. How else do they achieve so much in a day.

Men on the other hand, are known to not know how to multi-task at all. When they are told to watch the kids, that's all they do - sit there and watch the kids. They dont help to clean up the mess kids make along the way, or anything else - except maybe keep an eye on the TV whilst nursing a beer.

But with age they get better at it. it has been documented that as they grow older, they are able to multi-task at the highest level - but not necessarily in the tasks that we want them to:

Guess its the end of the week already!

Have a great weekend!


doc said...

i didn't realise you posted this earlier because i just shared an experience why i am unable to multi-task. i doubt if i can when i get even older!

Stardust said...


I'm reminded of a friend shared frankly : he can't oggle at a hot chick next table and concentrate on his gf at the same time. Men are that bad at multi-tasking.

They get worse when it's like the picture said. =P