Friday, January 2, 2009

Things are just not the same anymore

Ever since my computer 1st crashed some 5 months ago, things have never been the same again.

It happened one day when hubby wanted to extract some information from the website of one of our National Sports Association. Not knowing that this NSA website was unprotected (!!) he went ahead to download some files. Hey presto! Our home computer was then infected with some nasty virus. This is despite the fact that we had Norton anti-virus. Infact this virus was so nasty that even a friend who downloaded information from that same website thru his office computer, brought his whole company's computer system down!!

We then got the Doc, changed "protection" and managed to rid our PC of it, but somehow I think it still lingered around somewhere. Every now and then, our PC would act up like a spoilt child, throwing tantrums, and preventing me from enjoying my peaceful blogging time.

And then it happened again in December. And I suspect the virus came from the same place! (Why did we download things from that website again? Because forms for participation etc are all there and we have no choice!) This time around it was soooooo bad that we could not even turn our PC on!! What's with this anti-virus protection and firewalls! It gave me false hope that my PC would be protected. We had no choice but to reformat our hard disk and start all over again, losing all our files, documents, photos, videos, etc that I had downloaded onto the PC. Fortunately, I did back up my videos and photos, if not it would be only wonderful memories left.

This second time round, I am not sure if its becauase of the festive season, other distractions or what, but somehow I dont seem motivated enough to want to restore my PC again. Despite the reformating of the hard disk, I find that there is still something wrong. At times the PC still shuts down mid way when I am working, many a times it just hangs. Hence, my posts have been less, and you dont see any photos.

Like the PC, we too must take care of our bodies. Once ravaged by any illness it would never work the same again. Hence the need for proper diets and exercise to stay healthy. As the past couple weeks have seen fairly rainy weather, coupled with the kids at home on holidays, I have not been able to do my regular morning walks.

So what have I been doing to keep fit? Well, hubby bought the Wii for the children for christmas. And we have been doing lots of exercises using it. What I like about it is its interactive feature. With Wii sports, we "play" games such as tennis, bowling, boxing, baseball, and golf, and the swings that we do is pretty much like the real stuff. No sitting around and just moving the thumbs. We have to stand and swing / box / pitch / bat/ bowl, etc. I actually break into a sweat when I do a round of boxing with little D!

On the Wii, there is also a feature called fitness that tests your fitness age. It gives you a series of tests to check on your speed, balance and stamina. When I did my first test, they said my fitness age was 80!! And I actually felt that age after the test! Since then, I managed to bring my age down to a youthful 32!!

I am very happy with that new age, that I have decided to go back to my morning walks to keep fit. I like the idea of remaining forever 32!!


iml said...

Must be the most appropriate present for the whole family.

Constance Chan said...

OMG! you bought Wii! i've been eyeing it too but looking at the price and not buying the accessories yet I wonder how much it will total up. But i am really keen on the Wii Fit thingy. i read that it works wonders for those wanting to lose weight!

stay-at-home mum said...

iml - has both pros and cons. I have to lock up the remotes sometimes, esp when playing intrudes into school work!

Hi Constance
Wii fit costs something like $185. All these little things just add to the cost... and electricity bills and sleeping time!!